Unworthiness bequeaths Mjolnir to a Female: The Story behind Thor

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It has been confirmed that yes, the new Thor is a woman. It is also the first time since the Thunder God has graced the pages of Marvel?s own interpretation of the Norse God of Thunder that the hammers is not in the hands of the Odinson, and in the hands of someone else worthier of wielding the enchanted Uru hammer Mjolnir. However, the woman wielding it remains a mystery.

She is all set to come out starting from the 1st issue of Thor to be written by on-going writer Jason Aaron, with art coming from new on-board artist Russell Dauterman. It is set in the aftermath of the landscape changing ?Original Sin? storyline, which has reshaped the Marvel Universe as you know it. Still, the change was coming, however long it was in doing so, as hinted in the ?Thor: God of Thunder? series, which came out in 2012.

This hasn?t been the first time someone else had held the hammer. It has happened many times past, and at one time, Thor-corps member Beta Ray Bill held the hammer, before being given one of his own. This time, it seems someone else had been found worthy, although there is every chance that the Odinson may regain his hammer.

image courtesy of marvel.com

image courtesy of marvel.com

The story is not meant to alter the universe into another reality, said Jason Aaron. It is, in fact, a whole-new Thor but is meant to continue in the original universe, with Thor really having been deemed unworthy by the hammer. By all means and purposes, the woman is the new Thor.

All set to join Aaron in this brave, new phase in the book is Dauterman, who is one of the new artists to watch out for in the Marvel family. He had been working recently on the Cyclops book, and the chance to be inking for the new Thor was just too good of a chance to pass up. He is also excited to start to ink the series, exploring how the Odinson fell from grace, and how the hammer found this new mystery woman worthy of becoming the new Thor.

As of the bold new concept, he doesn?t look too fazed. If any, he was even excited at exploring a whole new angle of the story. While purists may decry and rally to have Thor Odinson wield the hammer again, for now, that remains to be seen. It?s a fresh new concept, in his opinion, and strong female characters have always been a personal choice, according to him.

As for the new Thor?s identity, not the previous Thor, nor the All-Father, Odin, seems to know who she is, hinting at speculations that her identity loss might not only be for show. However, fans of the original Thor: God of Thunder books will be pleased to know that this new series will be entirely in line with what they loved with that series.

Aaron promises a lot for the series, saying that he still is looking for chances to do things to the series where the hero (or heroine) will still be Thor, albeit in a different shell.

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