UNSW Threat Rattles Campus: What Security Measures Are Put Into Place?

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New South Wales anti-terrorism police marched into the halls of the University of New South Wales (UNSW) after receiving a threat that was made to the students and staff at the Kensington campus. The threat were supposedly from a post made by a user, who was not identified, on the website 4Chan a day before the police patrolled through the University, according the

The post indicated that the user ?claimed to have obtained a handgun and warned Australian students? and they ?should not go into UNSW the following day,? shared by Staff and students inside UNSW were advised that they may leave the campus without being penalized.

UNSW then posted a statement in their official page about the threat:

?UNSW has been made aware of a threat to the safety of staff and students on the Kensington campus. We are treating this incident seriously and have been liaising with the NSW Police through the anti-terrorism and security group and Local Area Command.

?Police are advising this is a general, not a specific or direct threat.?

Security Measures

According to Sydney Morning Herald, UNSW emailed students earlier on Monday prompting them to ?remain vigilant about security? and ?to report any suspicious individuals or activities.? Students were also urged to download UNSW?s security app to allow access to ?emergency services? and ?security advice? for their safety and well-being while inside the campus.

Classes continue

UNSW also posted a statement in the official page about the continuation of classes:

?As advised by NSW Police, the campus remains open and classes will continue as normal.

?UNSW is continuing to liaise with NSW Police and an increased police and security presence will remain on and around campus overnight and tomorrow.?

A number of students from UNSW posted on social media about the threats made to the University and how they should keep safe.

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