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Unreal Tournament 4 Release Date And Gameplay: What We Know So Far

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Unreal Tournament 4

Two years ago, Epic Games released Unreal Tournament 4 in its Alpha state and asked the fans to help them build it. Currently, the game is still in Alpha and fans are still supporting the game?s development. Epic Games’ revival of the arena shooter is still a mystery to most?despite the efforts of other publishers like?Bethesda that are trying to revive older shooters. Here?s what we know so far about Unreal Tournament 4.


In GamerHub?s video last 2015, Epic Games? Steve Polge talked about the game?s development and its progress so far. Polge talked about working together with the community to build the game according to players? preference. However, two years have already passed and the game is still not available outside of the Alpha version.

Apparently, the game is still in its Alpha state. Unreal Tournament 4 fans seem to still be active as the game?s blog still have updates on its events. The most recent event happened last November 14, 2016 where Epic Games recognized some of the game?s best fan work. Though the game is still in Alpha, Unreal Tournament 4 seems to hold up its quality as a game of the series.

Quake?s Potential Rival

Recently, Bethesda and idSoftware worked together to revive old arena shooter games like DOOM, Quake, and Prey by making recent entries of them. The recent DOOM (2016) proved to be a success, and Quake Champions and the next Prey are coming next. Potentially, Epic Games can ride this wave of arena shooter revival to set up Unreal Tournament 4.

The game in its current state looks good but still lacks polish. Perhaps Epic Games will fully release this game once they?ve finalized its contents and polished it up. Currently, Bethesda?s Quake Champions may crush the arena shooter similar to how Overwatch beat Battleborn last year.

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Release Date Mystery

As of now, it seems like the game won?t likely be released any time soon. The gameplay looks satisfying, but that might not ?be enough to attract newer players due to the simple visuals. At best, the game might be released once Epic Games talks about it more openly than usual.

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