UnREAL Season 2 Finale Spoilers; What To Expect In Season 3

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The UnREAL Season 2 finale airs tonight and we have a lot of questions going into episode 10 with all the drama and controversy that is to be expected.

Some of the questions we have before the finale are about the future of the show, Everlasting. Will Coleman bring it to a shocking end? Who will be the show?s final two?

In the previous episode, Rachel put laxative on Yael?s food, which forced her to shockingly take a dump on national TV. Rachel took her revenge after finding out about Coleman and Yael?s heated argument. Rachel may have been satisfied with her little scheme but she still has a whole other problem. Coleman still holds proof of her confessions about what happened to Mary in the first season and when Romeo was shot in Season 2.

Meanwhile, Quinn will be adding a whole new twist to the Everlasting finale, Heavy writes, as she decides that two brides will walk down the aisle this time. She makes the decision in an attempt to boost ratings and to give a big shocker to the viewers of the reality show. Quinn has clearly redirected her anger towards taking down Coleman after her horrible break up with John. Will she succeed? Coleman also intends to destroy the show, so will Quinn?s decision help his original plan?



Darius made it pretty clear that he wants to end up with Tiffany. But it looks like he will get the biggest shock of his life as two women walk down the aisle at the same time.

Further UnREAL Season 2 finale spoilers say that Rachel will tell Coleman that he?s going to jail as we?ll see him getting arrested by an FBI agent. But it is also possible that Quinn will be the one to be put behind bars instead of Coleman.

As for what to expect in Season 3 of the show based on the Bachelor, Shiri Appleby, who plays the reality TV producer Rachel Goldberg, told Express that it would be ?interesting to see a bachelorette on there or even a different show, something like behind-the-scenes on Survivor or something that totally shakes it up.?

She also added that Season 2 will end in a cliff-hanger and she is excited to see what the writers will do ?in terms of: how do we come back and move forward from that.?

Catch the UnREAL Season 2 Finale titled ?Friendly Fire? tonight, August 8, on Lifetime.

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