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Unreal Engine 4 To Be Ported on the Web. More AAA Games on Browsers

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Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine 4 for Browser


Yesterday, Mozilla and Epic made an announcement about porting Unreal Engine 4 to the web. This might seem a bit unclear to some, but it simply means that after this project, people would be able to play more console-quality games directly on their browsers. ?Check the video below how it looks like to have a better idea how it will fare when compared with another game engine called Unity.

The video above is the first demo video from the official FireFox YouTube channel that shows a quick sneak-peak of Soul and Swing Ninja. The tech demo ran at near-native frame rate.

This is not first time that Epic and Mozilla showed the Web?s capability as a gaming platform as they have also ported Unreal Engine 3 last year showcasing Epic Citadel. Unreal Engine 3 is one of the most popular game engines that are used to produce a number of AAA games. It runs on browsers without any need to download or create a custom plugin therefore, cutting the time and effort needed to deliver out quality games.

The tools behind this innovation were asm.js which is a powerful subset of Javascript capable of pushing the browsers limits and Emscripten compiler that converts C/C++ codes into asm.js code that practically runs on any browser.

According to CTO and SVP of Engineering at Mozilla, Brendan Eich, it is the age of technology where gamers who just go to the browser and play right away without the ?need to wait are indistinguishable from the ones who download and install them.

?Using Emscripten to cross compile C and C++ into asm.js, developers can run their games at near-native speeds, so they can approach the Web as they would any other platform.?

Unreal Engine 4?s role is to power up next-generation games which are designed to grace all possible platforms from PC to Console and including Mobile and even the Web.

Epic Games ?believes that the Web will be taking a significant part in the future of gaming. ?This has been long proven since Monster Madness from NomNom games were released. The game was purely powered by Unreal Engine 3. It is similar to most dual virtual analog games for iOS and Android like gameloft?s Zombiewood and Glu?s Gun Brothers 2.

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