UNREAL and Crazy Hoverboard Experience with Kinect and Oculus Rift.

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Anybody who has watched Back to The Future probably knows what a Hoverboard is. For those who don?t, it is like a skateboard, without the wheels and it floats, hence the name ?hover? board. Alright, now you?re a part of the huge majority who want to experience it. Just earlier this year, HUVr came out, claiming that it was the real and legit hoverboard. Turns out, it was just a high production hoax, so everybody?s bubbles got popped.

Modern Science isn?t that innovative that it can be up to par with the original film?s prediction about 2015 technology. The movie?s settings were on year 2015, and we?re nowhere near to having an actual hoverboard. In reality, we really cannot experience the magnificent hoverboard, but fortunately for us, there?s an actual way to do so at some extent.

A communications agency from Amsterdam called ?Quince?, found a way to effectively simulate the hoverboard experience in a very accurate manner. By using Oculus Rift, Kinect, and the Wii Balance board, they are able to produce the effect of riding the hoverboard in virtual reality.

It uses the Wii Balance Board as the main controller, the Kinect to track the player?s body movement and translate it into virtual reality, and the Oculus VR headset to immerse you in the experience. The graphics are still far from perfect, but it is still an excellent starting point for something bigger.

Pulling this one off with the Oculus Rift was a great feat, but it is not the first one to actually use a VR headset to such extents. ?Just a few weeks ago, there was a report about a ?game that uses the Oculus Rift to simulate the experience of flying like ?a bird. It also uses a large contraption of some sort to add realism to the experience.

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