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Unnamed Smartphone from Elephone Capable of Android and Windows 10 OS Dual-Boot

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Advance and futuristic smartphone that lets you dual-boot Android and Windows 10 OS

The advancement of technology today is truly amazing! First there was the dual-sim handset where you can use two sims on a single phone. Now, a brand new smartphone is on its way on the market from Elephone but it won?t be just like any other phone. This flagship will have the capability to boot two OSes, both Android and Windows 10.

See the details below for the specs and the release date of this unnamed handset from Elephone.

Upcoming Elephone Specs According to Techradar

  • Display: the unnamed upcoming flagship from Elephone will have a display of 1440 x 2560 (or simply, 2K display) for more crystal clear image.
  • RAM: 4GB of RAM
  • Phone storage: this phone will come in with a built-in storage of 32GB. As for the MicrsoSD slot, there?s still no update whether you can expand its memory or not.
  • Battery: 3,800 mAh
  • Camera: for the back camera, it is reported on that source that this smartphone will be equipped with a 20.7MP Sony Camera for the dual-boot and 21MP Sony IMX 230 for the Android version.

However, the main highlight of this Smartphone from Elephone is not the high MP camera but instead; they boast that this phone is capable of handling two OSes on a single phone!

Upcoming Elephone Android and Windows 10 dual-boot!

Neowin recently reported that this upcoming smartphone from Elephone is going to have two versions, the Android only phone that comes with a Mediatek 6795 64-Bit Octa Core CPU. The other one is the dual-boot version for Android and Windows 10 with an Intel Quad Core CPU.

As for the release date, it was revealed?on softpedia?that both versions won?t come out to the market at the same time. The Android only version is said to be available for shipping on May 2015 while the dual-boot version, the one with the Android and?Windows 10, will be available supposedly this coming June. There?s still no specific date yet for the shipping so stay tuned.

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Image source: Elephone Website

? 2015 Elephone.cc. All Rights Reserved

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