Unlock all of your passwords on your S5 with just your fingerprint

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Passwords can be quite a pain to remember, especially if you have a lot of them across different websites or apps. To address this ever growing list of passwords, LastPass was created. It is like having the last password that you?ll ever need to remember. LastPass works by having you remember only one master password, while the app does the rest of the heavy lifting by remembering your passwords for everything else. It?s a great tool and gives you peace of mind so that you don?t worry about needlessly forgetting your passwords.

There is still a chance that things can go wrong though, and it?s the case where you forget your master password. LastPass has already taken this into consideration, and has made an update on their Android app to add support for the built in finger print reader of the Samsung Galaxy S5. This third party application is the first of its kind to take advantage of the S5?s biometric scanner.

This new feature combines with the other major update of LastPass, the addition of an in-app password prompt that allows users to copy and paste both their usernames and passwords from inside the app that they are trying to log into, without having the need to go back and forth with the LastPass app.

With the latest version of the Android app, the password prompt asks you to confirm your account password each time the LastPass window appears. This can now be replaced with a prompt for you to have your fingerprint scanned instead. Of course, this will only work if your phone is a Galaxy S5.

The app isn?t without its bugs, but should work flawlessly in most cases. LastPass should be able to release minor bug fixes in the near future.

This innovative feature from LastPass should help make the lives easier for a lot of S5 users. It?s seems like a small thing, but the convenience that it provides should massively appeal to S5 users, and it?s pretty cool that a phone is able to access a lot of stuff with a fingerprint alone. As more phones get biometric scanning features, expect LastPass to also provide support for those devices in the future.

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