3 unique pillows that will let you nap comfortably in public

Say goodbye to neck pain!

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  • Total comfort and protection when napping in public
  • Protection from neck or muscle pain
  • Comfortable sleep, no matter where you are

When you’re exhausted or sleep-deprived, it’s inevitable to doze off when traveling, when in class, when at work, or anywhere in public for that matter. Unfortunately, poor sleeping positions could cause stiff neck and muscle pain. The solution? Use neck pillows!

Not all neck pillows provide enough comfort, but you can look forward to a good nap wherever you are and protect your neck from pain at the same time with this Ostrichpillow!

This isn’t just any ordinary neck pillow, though. It actually prioritizes your well-being, promotes self-care, and ensures the utmost comfort.

There are different types of pillows to choose from, too. Here are some of the best ones:

Go Neck Pillow

Do you love to travel and take a nap during long trips? The Go Neck Pillow will serve as a great companion for you. With its high-quality and supportive memory foam core and ergonomic design, you are sure to sleep soundly, no matter how long you travel. 

The Go Neck pillow is also ultra-convenient to bring when traveling because it compresses to 60 percent of its size when stored. It even comes with a travel bag. Unlike the usual U-shaped neck pillows, the Go Neck Pillow provides neck support with its 360-degree design.

Anyone can use this pillow, regardless of their neck size, as well, because it has an adjustable closure that perfectly fits any neck. It is also comfortable to use when relaxing at home or sitting in an office chair. 

Light Versatile Pillow

This versatile and lightweight pillow will allow you to relax during your breaks at work or at school. You can wear it around your neck and as an eye cover, making it more comfortable to rest your head against a wall. 

The Light Versatile Pillow has a unique design covered with microbead filling, so you can relax without worrying about stiff neck or neck pain when you wake up from your nap. Another good thing is that it’s fully reversible! Choose which color to use depending on your outfit or mood.

You can also adjust it depending on your neck size, thanks to its integrated adjuster. The Light Versatile Pillow can be used as a travel pillow, reading pillow, commuting pillow, or lounging pillow – the choice is yours! 

Original Napping Pillow

If you’re the type of person who falls asleep everywhere and easily gets distracted by light, this pillow is perfect for you! Experience full comfort and protection whether you doze off in the living room, home office, or even your own bedroom. 

This cocoon-shaped pillow has multiple purposes. It helps block light and keep you away from distractions when resting by covering your entire face except for your nose and mouth. It also gives enough comfort to make it feel like you’re sleeping on a fluffy pillow.

The Original Napping Pillow is handmade with a soft and high-quality viscose and elastomer. Like the Light Versatile Pillow, it is also covered with microbead filling. Enjoy your breaks by napping with this one-of-a-kind pillow!

Neck pillows aside, Ostrichpillow also offers eye masks, eye pillows, neck wraps, and handy pillows that you can bring with you wherever you go.