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Undressed Australia: SBS Set to Shock Aussies in 2017

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Undressed Australia
Undressed Australia

Blind dates can be as magical as it can be awkward and complicated. Now imagine going through your next blind date naked.

Crazy right? Crazy enough to be a new show? Yeah, that?s what SBS has arrived at too. And the name of the new dating show is called Undressed.

Undressed 2017

SBS has been going through barrel of show ideas for its upcoming 2017 roster in Australia. Food, culture, and social situations are some of the main premises of most shows being pushed out on Australian TV. So it?s no surprise that SBS would come out with a crazy show like this.

Love it or hate it, the show certainly is pretty unique and has enough shock value to attract people to tune in to all the possible weekly shenanigans.


The Show

First off, no one?s actually bare butt naked on the show. The contestants will be in their underwear. That would help getting the show on the air. Plus, being in your underwear and meeting someone for the first time in their underwear as well is already a pretty intense blind date scenario.

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The mechanics of how SBS? Undressed Australia haven?t been disclosed in detail. But odds are it will follow the steps of its UK predecessor at TLC that?s already in full swing.

The moment the two contestants meet, they already have to tackle their first awkward task. Undress each other. Many have always dreamt off such an encounter with a stranger, but doing it on live television would definitely make most people cringe.

After the moment of undressing, the two contestants hop to bed with nothing but their underwear for them to get to know each other more. Like a real date. A really weird date from one of your nightmare fueled dreams.

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At the end of each date, the two contestants have the option to either continue or stop the date. So expect always to see either a good or dramatic ending every episode.

There?s no premier date out for the show yet. But it’s pretty safe to expect it in Australian TV this upcoming 2017.

SBS is also aiming to get a diverse cast of contestants from different races, age, and sexuality. If you have the nerve to don your underwear, then you might try joining the show. And oh yeah, you just find love (how could forget about that?).

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