Undertale Shouldn’t Work On PS4 And PS Vita [Major Spoilers]

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At E3 2017, Sony revealed that Undertale will be released for the PS4 and PS Vita soon. However, Undertale uses fourth-wall breaking tricks and other external systems to deliver some of its major events. Normally, such antics are rarely seen outside PC games. With its weird gimmicks, most fans didn’t expect to see Undertale launch outside PC. 

Undertale’s Secret Systems [Spoilers]

Aside from its out of this world humor, Undertale actually uses an advanced save file system that records more progress than the player thinks. For example, this system records some events that triggers Flowey to chastise a particular player action. Additionally, some parts of the story even force the application to close itself after a character shows its “save file-based powers”, aka reloading a save file.

The earliest example of this system can be seen after defeating one of the game’s earliest bosses, Toriel. Many players would quit the game as defeating her in the fight would mean killing her.

Many immediately felt bad for killing a caring character,  leading them to reset the game to redo the boss fight. Instead of being shown the main menu straight away, Flowey would appear first and speak to the player about his previous actions. Some players could miss this scene if they didn’t bother redoing the battle..

“Save” and other Character Powers

In Undertale, the story slowly unfolds the main character’s “Determination” power. It’s treated as a strong neutral force that can be used for good to “SAVE” both their game progress and monsters, if they choose that road. However, the “SAVE” power actually affects the time in the underground as the main character actually bends time to their will and “reset” themselves in certain situations.

Some characters like Flowey and Sans know about this power. Flowey knows what “SAVE” does as he had access to the full extent of the power in the past. Meanwhile, Sans actually knows what’s going on and has since adapted his personality with looping time events. The use of this power is colossally subtle as players would just see massive energies gathering for possibly a large scale attack, but it actually crashes the game instead.

Force Close Scenes

During the latter parts of the Pacifist run, Flowey will tamper with the player’s save file to trap them in a key boss fight. However, Flowey starts this fight through force closing the game and changing the file to his own. Using the tampered save file will lead them to a dark room where Flowey waits at the end of it. The PS4 and PS Vita never had games that had  an intentional force close to progress their game’s story. These only happens when major bugs causes the game to crash.

Leisure of Quick Close

In its whole playthrough, players will be compelled to reset the game to prevent boss fight kills. In PC games, players could just slam their fingers to “Alt + F4” or press the close button to stop an unfavorable thing to happen. This is excusable for many single-player games as no one can be affected. However, this is not as accessible for console games.

To exit games on the PS4, you have to go through a few menus before you can close a game and eject its disk. Pressing the PS button also works as a pause button for some games, and it’s still unknown if this is the case for Undertale.

We Might Endanger Our Consoles For Great Storytelling

If not pulled off correctly, Undertale may damage the Sony console due to its intended application closes to deliver its next part of the story. Fox might simply have an alternative for this feature on PlayStation platforms, however, these scenes are crucial in making Undertale a unique game.

In Fox’s post on the PlayStationBlog, he doesn’t mention any of these secret systems to the fans. Fox might’ve just omitted answering this question as even the slightest of hint of this system could ruin the twist for its newer players. During the early days of Undertale’s PC release, some players were actively campaigning to prevent revealing story and game system spoilers to the new fans. We can only hope that Toby Fox and 8-4 manages to make a good PS4 and PS Vita Undertale version. Undertale will be released on both Sony platforms this Summer 2017.

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