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Undertale PS4 And PS Vita Release Date Announced At Sony’s E3 2017 Pre-Show

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Source: Sony E3 2017 Stream on Youtube

The Sony E3 2017 show confirmed the hit PC game of 2015, Undertale, will be arriving on PS4 and PS Vita. The game will be released sometime this Summer . Here’s what we know about the Undertale release on the Sony consoles.

Sony “SAVES” Undertale

As seen on the E3 show, an Undertale PS4 and Vita release is confirmed for an unspecified date this Summer. The game will also have a collector’s edition where a 24-page artbook and a music box locket featuring a familiar Undetale tune will also be included. Fans of the series should definitely consider buying this title for their Sony console for its potential extra content. The Ps4 and PS Vita versions will also include a Japanese language setting for its fans.

It’s PS Vita release came as a surprise for many due to the lack of mainstream game releases on Sony’s mobile hardware. The PS Vita has became a JRPG machine for several years now. Having Undertale on the platform is a nice fit based on the device’s current status.

The Story and Systems

Back in 2015, Undertale was popular enough to grow its fanbase large in just a few months. The game was able to gather enough support to become as popular as other video game classics like Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 7, and Suikoden 2. The game’s story is loved enough by its fans due to its quality but specifically defining it would spoil it for newer players.

There’s a variety of ways players can play through the game. Your playstyle also affects the game’s outcome. For now, all you need to know is that Toby Fox’s Undertale is a good game that you should consider trying regardless if its on Steam, PS4, or PS Vita. Stay updated with more Undertale news here on The Bitbag.

Undertale PS4

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