Undertale 2 Reveal Teased By Toby Fox? Special Surprise For Undertale’s Anniversary?

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Undertale 2

Toby Fox?s Undertale will celebrate its first anniversary on September 15. In line with this, fans were able to dig up a potential surprise from Fox from Undertale?s Kickstarter page. Additionally, Fox recently tweeted something that could be linked to the upcoming anniversary. Could the surprise be about Undertale 2?

Surprising Surprise

According to WOGN?s thread on the Undertale Reddit, fans saw Fox?s tweet about the upcoming Undertale anniversary which may hold some new content about the game. Fox hasn?t exactly announced anything yet, but fans discovered a surprise on the Kickstarter page. It?s possible that Fox intends to surprise fans with a sequel. This surprise may possibly happen on the game?s first anniversary. At best, fans can expect Undertale 2, or the game that?s been ?shrouded in darkness,? as Fox says.

Undertale?s Anniversary

As seen on Fox?s post, he acknowledged his game?s upcoming anniversary and claimed that the year of the game?s release is by far the ?longest year of his life.? Undertale racked massive positive reviews and even established its own fanbase in a few months after its release. Due to its quality, the game was a strong hit through social media and word of mouth . Its fans pushed the game to win polls and awards. There are also various fan-made content featuring the game?s setting and cast. Undertale is undoubtedly one of the best games released in 2015. It?s no wonder fans are waiting for Undertale 2, but Fox asked his fans not to expect too much.

Fox?s ?Completion Time? Tweet

Recently, Fox posted a ?completion time? post that shows the Undertale dog wearing a bikini. The ?completion time? reads 2:10:12, which could be Fox?s completion time of his own game or the date of the upcoming surprise. Due to Fox?s rare appearance in interviews and social media, players have no choice but to wait for his reveals.

Additionally, Tuyo ?Temmie? Chang claims that she ?extremely faintly? remembers the image from Fox?s tweet. It?s possible that the image was posted among the Undertale development team to signify something. Temmie is known to have designed some of the monsters in Undertale. There?s even an odd monster named after her.

For now, fans can only wait for September 15 to see if there will be any surprise from Fox. It might be best to monitor his Twitter account and Undertale?s Steam page for any Undertale 2 announcements.

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