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Uncovered: App Stops Judging Book By Its Cover

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Uncovered: App Stops Judging Book By Its Cover


Many bookworms who cannot get enough book suggestions from friends, family and unsolicited mail rely on what is called ?discovery? apps to find new books to devour. A popular tool in use is ?Oyster? which uses the model employed by Netflix and other systems to guide readers in finding new and varied electronic reading material.

Readers however barely get an idea on what these books contain as they are only given the title, author and cover to determine whether the book is worth purchasing and reading.

A new app, called ?Uncovered?, hopes to change all that.

Uncovered is a new tool that provides short excerpts that can give the potential book buyer a better idea of what is inside the ?cover?. It is also a very useful marketing tool, especially for new and unestablished authors, to entice buyers to try out their material.

Uncovered is more than just a ?sneak preview? however.

The app has an interesting system where they ask readers to provide certain details on the kind of books they like. It also asks about reading preferences such as plot or prose based material, as well as reasons for reading (whether the reader reads to escape from or to link up with our worldly existence).

Utilizing what the developers call a ?unique discovery UI and personalized recommendation system?, Uncovered provides snippets of excerpts without divulging the author, title or cover design of the book. After reading the excerpt, the reader can choose to buy the book or proceed to a new recommendation.

The iPad app, which is available on the Apple App Store, uses an in-app buying system for ease and convenience.


The creators of the app ? Uncovered Books ? says that their primary aim is to help book readers ?stumble upon books? that they may not have given a second glance because of the shallow information provided on the book cover.

Uncovered also helps struggling writers showcase their work to a spectrum of new readers on the same stage with more well known?authors.


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