‘Uncontrollably Fond’ Star Suzy Bae Releases Song For New KBS Drama Days Before Release Date

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?Uncontrollably Fond? lead star Suzy Bae released a song for the new KBS drama just days before its release date.

Soompi showed the music video of the official ?Uncontrollably Fond? song, entitled ?Ring My Bell.? It showed snippets of Suzy Bae singing in a recording studio, alternating with scenes from the upcoming TV series.

The clip was shown less than a week before the ?Uncontrollably Fond? release date on July 6. Many fans are looking forward to the new KBS drama, which stars Suzy Bae as a quirky documentary producer named No Eul.

Her leading man is Korean heartthrob Kim Woo Bin, who plays an arrogant singer-actor. The two?s initially odd relationship will eventually change when they become victims of a vehicular accident.

Suzy Bae has also explained why she accepted the role of No Eul in ?Uncontrollably Fond.? The actress said that she was able to relate a lot to the lead character.

?She was someone who lived for others despite having to make sacrifices, but after going through some things, she changed after a reality check,? she narrated.

?[This turned her into] a bit of a sycophant and a snob, and I related to that change very much,? Suzy added.

Some k-drama fans have predicted that the show could very well become the new ?Descendants of the Sun.? The globally popular wartime drama will reportedly return for its second season all the way in 2017, so many are hoping that ?Uncontrollably Fond? could keep fans busy for the meantime.

However, another Korean drama is also being considered as the next ?Descendant of The Sun.? According to A Times, the premiere episode of a new drama series called ?Doctors? topped viewership ratings last Monday with 12.9 percent.

The romantic drama starring Park Shin-Hye and Kim Rae-Wom starrer is medical-themed, leading some k-drama fans to compare it with the war-themed love story of ?Descendants of the Sun.?


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