‘Uncontrollably Fond’ Star Suzy Bae Receives Flak For Poor Acting? Can It Really Be The New ‘Descendants Of The Sun’?

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Initial ?Uncontrollably Fond? reviews have called out lead star Suzy Bae for her alleged poor acting. Because of this, some wonder if the new KBS drama can live up to its hype as the new ?Descendants of the Sun.?

K-Drama fans excitedly waited for the new romantic drama for months. It stars Suzy Bae as a quirky documentary producer named No Eul. She is paired with an arrogant celebrity named Shin Joon Young, played by Korean heartthrob Kim Woo Bin.

?Uncontrollably Fond? finally premiered last July 6 and aired simultaneously in five regions, including Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States.

However, the internet has been abuzz with negative ?Uncontrollably Fond? reviews. Most of these emphasized Suzy?s acting capabilities.


Uncontrollably Fond

?Suzy’s acting? it’s hopeless,? one reviewer said.

Another mentioned that the actress sounded like she was ?reading out of a textbook.?

?Suzy, stop ‘uncontrollably’ acting? just stick to pictorials,? another reviewer joked.

The not so stellar feedback on ?Uncontrollably Fond? because of Suzy Bae?s acting puts the show in a vulnerable position against its rival show, ?Doctors.?

The medical-themed SBS series has also been dubbed as the next big Korean drama. Furthermore, the show has been earning praises for its interesting hospital-based romance plot, as well as the chemistry between lead stars Park Shin-Hye and Kim Rae-Wom.

Aside from also supposedly being the next ?Descendants of the Sun,? the high ratings of ?Doctors? have led some to conclude that it could even surpass the success of the said wartime love story. Its recently reported 18.4 percent viewership puts the show on the top spot among its competing TV shows, such as ?Uncontrollably Fond,? MBC?s ?Monster,? and KBS 2TV?s? Beautiful Mind.?

The harsh criticisms on Suzy?s acting come amid rumors of her split with boyfriend Lee Min Ho. Could this mean that the actress? personal issues are already affecting her work?


Has Suzy’s rumored break up with Lee Min Ho (right) affected her work?

Nonetheless, fans hope that the negative ?Uncontrollably Fond? reviews would turn around in the show?s next couple of episodes.


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