Uncontrollably Fond Episode 7 Recap: Watch Suzy Bae & Kim Woo Bin Prove Acting Critics Wrong

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Uncontrollably Fond episode 7 seemingly proved that its lead stars are more than just another mismatched k-drama couple. This recap details how the undeniable chemistry between lead stars Suzy Bae and Kim Woo Bin contradicts the negative feedback from the show?s critics.

This week?s show opened with a rejected Shin Joon-Young (Kim) looking worn-down after No Eul (Suzy) confessed her love for Choi Ji Tae in the previous episode. The 27-year-old Korean actor definitely looked the part, complete with red eyes and disheveled hair.

Meanwhile, Suzy Bae?s character remembered how Shin Joon Young took care of her when she was drunk and rambling about Choi Ji Tae. This somewhat made her realize that she might have fallen in love with the wrong man, and that her friend might have been the right one all along.

Shin Joon Young admitted that he intended to bring No Eul to an island, but changed his mind and decided to go alone. He swore to himself that if No Eul followed him there, he will never let her go. When No Eul appeared on the island though, the tables turned as Shin Joon Young just kept avoiding her.

When the documentary producer finally admitted that she remembers how Shin Joon Young confessed his feelings for her while he thought she was asleep, Kim Woo Bin?s character got on a random taxi and left her on the island.


Uncontrollably Fond

The next scenes in Uncontrollably Fond episode 7 showed how No Eul kept following Shin Joon Young even when they were back in the city. However, it was during a late night at his luxurious home where the two eventually patched things up, as seen in the hot clip at the end of this story.

Towards the end of the episode though, the two had to go through another dilemma ? which led to one of the hottest on-screen kisses of Suzy Bae and Kim Woo Bin.

Recaps for Uncontrollably Fond episode 7 have been circulating the net since it aired last Thursday. Fans have trooped to different comments sections to talk about the convincing acting skills of the lead stars, especially Suzy Bae. The show debuted to high ratings when it premiered early July, but its recent drop in viewership versus rival MBC show W has been attributed to the lead actress? alleged poor acting.

There have also been criticisms about the lack of chemistry between her and ?Kim Woo Bin. In response to this, viewers pointed out that the 21-year-old sweetheart actually improved a lot in the acting department because of her current leading man, as seen in the clips below.

What do you think of Uncontrollably Fond episode 7? Do you think that the show could still regain its lead now that the cast members are starting to ramp up their acting skills? Let us know by commenting below.

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