‘Uncontrollably Fond’ Episode 6 Recap: Watch Suzy Bae Shut Down Acting Critics With No Eul?s Heartbreaking Scene

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?Uncontrollably Fond? episode 6 showed one of the most heartbreaking scenes of Suzy Bae?s character. In the Korean drama?s recap at the end of this article, the actress proved her critics wrong with her emotional portrayal of No Eul.

Aired last July 21, ?Uncontrollably Fond? episode 6 opened to No Eul and Shin Joon Young, played by Kim Woo Bin. The two are inside a car without any idea where they are driving to.

The lead stars end up taking a spot near the sea. Armed with five bottles of Soju, Eul sits on the pebbles and drinks as Joon Young watches her. She starts looking for her phone which was left in Joon Young?s car, so the latter hands over his phone in order for Eul to make a call.

The drunk female lead then unexpectedly calls Ji Tae and cries while begging him to take her back. She does this in from of Joon Young, causing fans to get emotional over the heartbreaking scene.

Realizing that another man was chosen over him, Joon Young grabs the phone away from Eul and throws it to the sea.

The rest of ?Uncontrollably Fond? episode 6 showed how the two ended up in a nearby residence by pretending to be a married couple. Joon Young then takes care of a drunken Eul ? even changing her clothes after she vomited on them.

The documentary producer wakes up the next day and her male companion is no longer with her. She then remembers the events that transpired the night before and realizes only then how much Joon Young has done for her. However, the jilted admirer avoids No Eul considering how much she begged Ji Tae the previous night.


Uncontrollably Fond

The Movie News Guide recap of Uncontrollably Fond episode 6 and other online clips received comments about Suzy Bae?s acting capabilities. The 21-year-old actress has been criticized all over the internet for her alleged alleged poor acting, with bashers claiming that her ?hopeless? acting capabilities make it seem ?as if she is reading out of a textbook.?

Fans who were able to watch Uncontrollably Fond episode 6 defended the singer-actress. ?And they say Suzy can?t act?! She was AMAZING,? one commenter wrote, seconded by other fans.

?I’m just laughing those who tell Suzy can’t act. They must be blind,? another fan posted.

?Uncontrollably Fond? has also been receiving high ratings even amid the negative reviews about Suzy Bae. It is also possible that the show still rated well because of her chemistry with male lead star Kim Woo Bin.

Fans could only hope that ratings will continue to rise after the good reviews on ?Uncontrollably Fond? episode 6. ?The Suzy Bae ? Kim Woo Bin starrer is up against some serious competition with the recent arrival new MBC show, ?W,? which airs on the same time slot.

Watch Suzy Bae’s heartbreaking scene from “Uncontrollably Fond” episode 6 here:

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