Uncontrollably Fond Episode 13 Recap: Series Conclusion Getting Confusing? Watch Eng Sub Here

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Uncontrollably Fond episode 13 [Photo from Facebook]

Uncontrollably Fond Episode 13 packed so many revelations as the series is already scheduled to end in a few weeks. However, the attempt to resolve the show?s many issues has made the story somewhat confusing. A link to the English subtitled episode can be seen at the end of this article.

The latest episode confirmed that Jung Eun drove the car that ran over the father of No Eul [Suzy Bae]. She escaped to Hawaii after the incident.

Joon Young [Kim Woo Bin] is also offered to do a film ? a seemingly perfect way for him to move on from No Eul. However, the singer-actor turned down the role after discovering that Jung Eun will be part of the movie too.

Ji Tae also invited Joon Young for a drink after their awkward run in the previous episode. The latter is reminded that his health condition leaves him with just a few more months to live. Ji Tae then advised him that it would be best to just let No Eul go. He assured that he will be the one to take care of the documentary producer. This eventually led to Ji Tae getting stripped off his privileges by his mother.

The episode also featured the show?s supporting cast. Joon Young?s mom, Young Ok, set a meeting with Congressman Choi. The latter got jealous as she introduced her son?s uncle, Jung Sik, as her supposed husband. Young Ok also claimed that Jung Sik is the father of Joon Young.

Jik and Ha Ru?s storyline was also explored in the last episode. However, an Uncontrollably Fond Episode 13 recap by Allkpop said that their romance seems to move too slowly. It is uncertain if the show will still expound on the two with just a few weeks left before the finale.


No Eul also shot a new documentary where the project?s star ended up treating her badly. Ji Tae then tried to comfort her, only to get rejected by the filmmaker. Joon Young then stepped in and beat up the rude talent.

No Eul asked Joon Young later on if he did that for her. Their conversation ends with No Eul on top of Joon Young, with the latter asking if she wants them to sleep together.

The episode also showed the on-again-off-again couple unexpectedly seeing each other at the beach. The lead female character then confessed that she still has feelings for the heartbroken celebrity.

Based on these scenarios, Uncontrollably Fond Episode 13 had way too many stories packed into one episode. Even the rich-guy-poor-girl love story of No Eul and Joon Young seems to have gotten too dragging. Their love triangle with Ji Tae has also made their relationship confusing for viewers.


Uncontrollably Fond

It is likely that the network wants to explore all the possible storylines before the finale this September. However, showrunners might also want to streamline the plots unlike what it did with Uncontrollably Fond Episode 13. This will allow room for all the characters and subplots to develop effectively. If KBS tries this out, it is possible for the show to end on a high note.

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