Uncontrollably Fond Episode 11: Shin Joon Young Out, Ji Tae In?

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Uncontrollably Fond episode 11 showed how Ji Tae might end up with No Eul instead of Shin Joon Young.

The KBS drama focuses on the story of an arrogant celebrity named Shin Joon Young, played by Kim Woo Bin. He falls in love with the character of Suzy Bae, an independent documentary producer named No Eul. However, the two?s families share a deep history that results to numerous obstacles throughout their relationship.

The previous episode began with No Eul behind bars, with Kim Woo Bin?s character pulling all stops to get her out of jail. No Eul herself had hoped that Shin Joon Young will be the one to get her released.

While the male lead begged with his mother and threatened his father, No Eul?s ex-beau, Ji Tae, also made his own efforts. He calls Shin Joon Young and scoffed that he has no right to be with No Eul. Ji Tae pointed out everything that the singer-actor?s family had done to ruin her life.

The Shin Joon Young ended up getting so guilty that he decided to just stay away from the girl that he loves. Succeeding scenes in Uncontrollably Fond episode 11 showed him hiding in his house, drinking, and playing video games all day.

No Eul is eventually cleared of charges and tried to flee town after getting out of prison. With Shin Joon Young in hiding, Ji Tae made his move by blocking No Eul?s cab on her way out of town.


The focus of Uncontrollably Fond on No Eul and Ji Tae?s storyline is a welcome change amid its recently reported ratings drop. The show?s viewership has seemingly been affected by negative reviews, with people criticizing its typical ?rich guy ? poor girl? love story.

The series? mediocre performance was addressed by Kim Woo Bin himself. In a controversial statement ?shared on his official fansite, the 27-year-old apologized to disappointed fans.

?As the drama passes the halfway mark, I?m embarrassed,? the Hallyu heartthrob admitted. Kim Woo Bin also said that he worries about the show not meeting viewers? expectations. This is primarily because it was promoted by KBS as their follow-up to the highly successful Descendants of the Sun.

Do you think that the series can still improve with just a month left before its finale? Watch Uncontrollably Fond episode 11 below and see for yourself.



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