‘Uncontrollably Fond’ Episode 1 Airs Today; Can The New KBS Drama Live Up To Its Hype As The New ‘Descendants Of The Sun’?

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KBS Network wanted “Uncontrollably Fond” to be the next “Descendants of the Sun”


New KBS drama ?Uncontrollably Fond? will air its first episode on July 6. With all the anticipation surrounding the series, many are wondering if it could actually live up to claims that it is the new ?Descendants of the Sun.?

The romantic drama stars Bae Su-ji ?Suzy? and Kim Woo Bin. They play the contrasting roles of top singer-actor Shin Joon Young and wacky documentary producer No Eul. Teasers for the show highlighted how Kim Woo Bin?s arrogant character falls in love with the quirky role played by Suzy. However, the light storyline suddenly turns into a drama when the two get involved in a vehicular accident.

K-drama fans also became more excited for ?Uncontrollably Fond? episode one when the lead stars began posting more show teasers on their Instagram pages. These included exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs, still images from the show, and official ?Uncontrollably Fond? posters.

Admittedly, many are also looking forward to the new KBS drama because of real-life controversies involving the series? lead actress. Just recently, Suzy Bae has been in the news a lot because of her rumored breakup with Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho.


The doe-eyed beauty also fueled split speculations in her interview with Harper?s Bazaar Korea. In the feature story, Suzy explained that she was able to relate a lot to her new character in ?Uncontrollably Fond.? She said No Eul is similar to her because they both had to ?live for others,? ?make sacrifices,? then ?after going through some things, she changed after a reality check.?

Suzy?s claims that No Eul and she share a lot in common have led many to think that she is referring to her break up with Lee Min Ho, who she dated for 17 months.

Another reason why K-drama fans are anticipating the new KBS series is due to claims that it could be the new ?Descendants of the Sun.? However, it could be facing stiff competition with SBS? ?Doctors,? a new medical-themed love story starring Park Shin-Hye and Kim Rae-Wom.

?Doctors? rated high when it premiered last June, and the continuous rise in its viewership could mean trouble for ?Uncontrollably Fond.?

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