?Uncontrollably Fond? Cast Member ?Embarrassed? Following Ratings Drop, Bad Reviews

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Uncontrollably Fond lead stars Kim Woo Bin and Suzy Bae

An Uncontrollably Fond cast member has confessed that he is ?embarrassed? following the show?s recent ratings drop. The dip in viewership has also led to several negative reviews about the Suzy Bae ? Kim Woo Bin starrer.

Nielsen Korea recently released Content Power Index (CPI) data showing that the new Korean drama W has officially topped the ratings game with 273.3 points. This is over 30 points higher than Uncontrollably Fond?s ratings of 242.2 points.

Both airing every Wednesday and Thursday on the exact same time slot, the MBC drama is watched by 12.9 percent of TV viewers versus its rival show?s 8.6 percent audience share.

After Uncontrollably Fond?s ratings drop was confirmed, lead star Woo Bin spoke up via a message posted on his fansite. In the official statement, he humbly apologized to fans who might have been disappointed with his portrayal of an arrogant celebrity named Shin Joon Young. ?

?In this precious time, when everyone is seeing me as Shin Joon Young, I wanted to leave a message under the title ‘This is Shin Joon Young,’? the 27-year-old Hallyu heartthrob said.

?But leaving one now, as the drama passes the halfway mark, I’m embarrassed,” he admitted.


Uncontrollably Fond

Woo Bin also acknowledged that people had high expectations when the series debuted last July, especially following the success of another KBS show, Descendants of the Sun.

?Everyone must have waited a long time for a new drama, and looked forward [to ‘Uncontrollably Fond’] all the more for the wait, but I’m worried that I wasn’t able to meet expectations,? he explained. ?

Descendants of the Sun

KBS Network dubbed ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ as their next ‘Descendants of the Sun’

Because of the show?s current standing, several viewers have shared possible reasons why Uncontrollably Fond was not able to maintain the high ratings that it gathered on its first week.

Some pointed out that Uncontrollably Fond?s cast still lacks acting skills, especially its lead actress, Suzy Bae. The 21-year-old TV sweetheart plays a quirky documentary producer named No Eul.

Others admitted that they ended up switching to W because there is really nothing new with Uncontrollably Fond?s story, which revolves around the romance of Bae?s awkward yet independent character and Woo Bin?s rich-guy persona.

What do you think can Uncontrollably Fond?s cast and production team still do to regain the show?s high ratings? Do you think that it was necessary for Woo Bin to speak up about the ratings drop? Let us know by commenting below.


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