Uncharted 4 Release Date & Updates: Multi-player Experience Announced In PS Experience, ?Team Deathmatch? And Unexpected Realism A Game Changer!

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The Playstation Experience event last weekend gave a pretty impressive show, with Sony hailing themselves as ?the master of the unexpected sequel reveal.? But what we?d like to talk about is the fact that they just revealed the ?Uncharted 4? multiplayer experience for the ?Uncharted Collection.? If it wasn?t for the Uncharted 4 online beta that they gave us, we would have been over the excitement of the next ?Uncharted? franchise. It?s a good thing that they know how to keep us hooked until their big reveal.

Check out the gameplay trailer below:

Playstation fans are readying themselves for the ultimate experience as they await ?Uncharted 4,? one of the biggest games to ever hit the console. And on Thursday, game developers gave us a multiplayer beta for an unprecedented access of next year?s ?Uncharted 4.?

Unlike the previous multiplayer of ?Uncharted,? this year?s gameplay is more straightforward, especially on five vs. five ?Team Deathmatch.? Reports indicate that controls for ?Uncharted 4? are more precise, but it will be a while before you get the hang of things.

The unexpected realism of the game makes you want to play more as you point your AK-47 at the enemy. Melee combat makes it even more realistic with three good punches, and a little crawling before you meet your demise. New features include the new grappling hook that you can use in certain places, with a little pop icon to help you on the way. There?s also a unique in-game shop that you can access through the magic of touchpad.

According to reports, ?Uncharted 4? will be the last of the franchise, giving Nathan Drake his much deserved rest and a unique ending that would make the ?Uncharted? game franchise something worth remembering.

For those who haven?t had the chance to play the multiplayer beta, the last day will be on Sunday, December 13. So if you have any friends who that have the ?Uncharted Collection,? go over there before it?s too late.

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