?Uncharted? Movie Set to Begin Filming in 2017; Read Interview with Director Shawn Levy

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The Uncharted movie is all set to begin its filming after director Shawn Levy confirmed its start date. Levy, who recently attended the IMAX screening of Real Steel, shed some light on the movie adaptation of Uncharted videogame. Apparently, the project will start in the summer of 2017. As the director puts it, he?s not so keen on starting the film before March next year.

Fans can expect the Uncharted movie to be as incredible as the videogame; at least when you read what Levy has to say about the project. ?I?ve been interested in this project for years. I?ve played and loved every iteration of the game. I think it?s largely a popularly accepted notion that it?s as cinematic a game as we?ve had, maybe ever, certainly of late.?

Levy is known for directing family oriented fare like ?Pink Panther? and ?Night at the Museum?. He later transitioned to more serious topics like ?Arrival? and Netflix?s ?Stranger Things.? As for the confirmation of the Uncharted movie, Levy said ?Yes, that?s my next project. Normally, as a director, you?re attached to something?I know of at least one director in this room?it?s like, the dance we always do is, ?Oh, I?m attached to this,? and then you look at my IMDb page and it looks like I?m making 19 movies.?

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He also confirmed his collaboration with writer Joe Carnahan about the script of the movie. His statement said ?We?re very much still in the process ? me and [writer] Joe Carnahan ? working very closely together regarding story, regarding casting (which I really can?t say anything about yet and won?t). This is the kind of movie? as a game, I?ve loved it for a long time, I think it?s got an exceptionally cinematic nature. And as a movie, y?know? we?ll deliver on the action, the adventure, the wit that people expect from this great treasure-hunting franchise.??

Are you excited to see the Uncharted movie? What do you think Shawn Levy has to do in order to make it as incredible as its videogame version? Make sure to keep updated with the latest news on the Uncharted movie by reading here on TheBitBag.

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