Uncharted Lost Legacy Includes Access To Uncharted 4 Multiplayer And Survival Mode

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uncharted lost legacy
Lost Legacy will have Uncharted 4’s online multiplayer. [Image from PlayStation]

Uncharted Lost Legacy might be cheaper than a full game, but it sure has a lot of content for fans. Aside from the Jak and Daxter pre-order bonus, players will also gain access to the Uncharted 4 multiplayer mode. Survival mode will also be in it, so this is a great package for those that didn’t buy Uncharted 4.

Naughty Dog confirmed this in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the official Uncharted website, so this is pretty legitimate. It’s a nice gesture from the company and should keep fans of the standalone expansion pack very happy. At US$39.99, fans who didn’t get Uncharted 4 or sold their copy should buy this expansion.

Lost, But Not Lackluster

Fans were into Uncharted Lost Legacy when the developers said it would be longer than the Last of Us expansion. The Last of Us: Left Behind was a short, but sweet story that added more depth to Ellie’s backstory. It essentially confirmed that the character was a lesbian, something you don’t see in a lot of video games.

Lost Legacy’s length might not be as long as Nathan Drake’s final adventure, but it should provide a great experience. Making Chloe the lead is smart, since she’s been a fan favorite ever since she debuted in the second game. Outside of multiplayer modes she hasn’t been playable, though that can be said for the rest of the Uncharted cast.

Multiplayer Survival

With Survival, Online Multiplayer and all the DLC that comes with it, Uncharted Lost Legacy is a great package. PS4 owners that kept their copies of Uncharted 4 won’t think much of this, but newcomers will appreciate it. At the least, players will have more replay incentive with the upcoming expansion pack than they originally thought.

Most of the game’s DLC is free, so players won’t have to worry about purchasing an expensive season pass. Then again, most of the content is cosmetic as players just have to change skins and weapons for various maps. It seems like this won’t be changing anytime soon, with the only paid DLC being the Lost Legacy expansion.

Uncharted Lost Legacy will be available on August 22 for the PS4, with retail and digital versions as options. Uncharted 4 is available now and is part of the Greatest Hits collection, so players can buy it for US$19.99. There’s also the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection, which is also a Greatest Hit.

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