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Uncharted 4 Update 1.19 Live On PS4! What To Expect

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After unleashing Survival Mode on players, Naughty Dog has released Uncharted 4 update 1.19. Now live on PS4, fans have been wondering if anything major was done to the game. Judging from the small file size of the game’s update, expecting anything major to be added will just lead to disappointment.

Pure PlayStation stated that the update is only 141.6 MB, which is fairly small. As far as updates go, this is easily one of the lightest updates to come to the game. Given its size, the update will likely fix a few bugs that might have been in the game.

Is Surviving Better?

Since Survival Mode was released recently, we can assume that the Uncharted 4 update will be for that mode. It’s not yet clear what the update will actually fix, as the game’s patch notes merely stated that it would patch some bugs. Even the official site of Naughty Dog has nothing for players, though that page could be updated soon.

The game’s Survival Mode offers a fun single-player play and online multiplayer mode. However, with multiple challenges to fix and different styles to play with, there might be a few problems. Since there is no such thing as a perfect game, fans can expect Naughty Dog to release even more minor updates.

What’s Next?

With the Uncharted 4 update now available, fans are likely wondering what else Naughty Dog has planned. A single-player expansion called The Lost Legacy was announced during the PlayStation Experience. However, that won’t be out for some time since the developers are making sure that it runs smoothly.

It’s likely that more multiplayer-related updates are coming to the game. While this might disappoint a number of fans, this is hardly a bad thing. The multiplayer experience of Uncharted has often been touted by fans, so more free updates is far from a drawback.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is available right now on the PS4. The fourth installment was a hit with gamers and critics alike, so it’s easy to see why fans want more of it. Fans who want to know more about the series can pick up the Nathan Drake Collection.

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