Uncharted 4 Update 1.18: Official Patch Notes For 3.8GB Update Adds More Than Survival Mode

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Naughty ?Dog recently released a huge update for Uncharted 4. The big update was believed to only add a new Survival mode, but it seems like Naughty Dog added a huge chunk of content to the game. Players are in for a treat as patch 1.18 is a pretty meaty update. Here?s everything players are getting in the?Uncharted 4 update 1.18.

New Content For Multiplayer

Over at the PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog?s Vinit Agarwal shared all of the additional content that came with the Survival update. Uncharted 4 update 1.18 is a pretty chunky patch that adds a slew of content for multiplayer enthusiasts.

  • New Maps: Train Wreck (from Uncharted 2) and Prison
  • Returning Classic Weapons: M4 Assault Rifle, PAK-80 Light Machine Gun, Micro 9mm Automatic Pistol, Para 9 Pistol, and the Desert 5 Pistol (Heavy Weapon)
  • New Beta Test Playlist Mode: King of the Hill ? teams to compete to retain control of a single Hill and earn Victory Points. Respawning restricted when your team controls the Hill
  • New Character Skins: 48 new character skins, including new Biker-themed skins
  • New Color Customization: Customize any character skin with 25 unique color variants
  • New Multiplayer Levels and Rewards: Max rank increased to Level 90 with two new vanity unlocks
  • New Challenges: Earn Relics with new Challenges for Multiplayer and Survival


The new Uncharted 4 update 1.18 additions really make the multiplayer aspect more interesting. The new weapons and skins are going to push players to go back into the game?s servers again just in case they?ve refrained from playing.

Moreover, Naughty Dog also reworked the in-game economy with update 1.18. Over at Uncharted?s official website, Naughty Dog revealed economy changes. There are quite a few changes including the price drop of Vanity DLC chests from 2000 to 300 Relics. The Premium Vanity DLC chests price also dropped to 1500 from 3000. The update guarantees active players more rewards at the end of a PVP match.

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