Uncharted 4: Why It Might Not Surpass Uncharted 2

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Despite being delayed three times, there is still plenty of excitement for Uncharted 4: A Thief?s End. The game might be the last of the series due to the ominous title, and it?s also the first current-gen game of the series, so fans are expecting plenty of spectacular set pieces.

Of course, the curse of every sequel is that everyone will be expecting it to be better than its predecessor. In the case of Uncharted 4, it has to be better than the three excellent titles that preceded it, including Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, which some fans consider the best in the series.

The first game in the Uncharted series was a solid title and a good debut on the PS3 for developer Naughty Dog, since the company was known for platformers like Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter. The sequel is where things changed, with stellar graphics, amazing set pieces and some fantastic voice acting, with online play being the icing on the cake.

Basically, Uncharted 2 is the game that proved that the series could be a blockbuster IP for Sony. While Uncharted 3 also received rave reviews and Uncharted 4 looks like it might be the best in the series, there?s no denying that both games are building on the foundation of the second game.

One other reason Uncharted 4 might not be as good as its predecessors is because it?s a conclusion. While it?s possible that there will be other Uncharted games after it, it is set to conclude a number of storylines.

Another thing that might worry fans is that this is Naughty Dog?s next game after the emotionally gripping game, The Last of Us. Naughty Dog has promised fans that they have applied a lot of what they learned from The Last of Us to Uncharted 4. This might end up making Nathan Drake?s story feel too serious than what fans have been used to.

The most appealing part about stories is the journey, so the fact that this game will focus on the end might make it the least entertaining of the series, though that?s not a foregone conclusion. Until Uncharted 4 is released on May 10 on the PS4, fans will have to ponder if the upcoming instalment beats all expectations.

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