Uncharted 4 Won The Most GOTY Awards In 2016, Overwatch Considered Second-Best Game Last Year

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Counting all the overall awards it has won, it seems like Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4 is this year’s best game. The PS4 exclusive was the finale to the Uncharted series but was also an exciting adventure in its own right. While it didn’t do anything new gameplay-wise, the memorable moments in the blockbuster made it one of 2016’s best.

GOTY Picks Blog, a site that tallies the Game of the Year awards from the media, pointed out that the Uncharted 4 was the overall “big winner” of last year, getting a total of 159 Game of the Year awards from both readers and critics. 2016 was a pretty good year for games, so the fact that this title won is a pretty big deal. With a story expansion coming to the game soon, there’s clearly plenty of interest that will keep the game in everyone’s mind.

The second game that got the most Game of the Year awards was Blizzard’s Overwatch, garnering a total of 98 GOTY awards. Third place is DOOM, with 29 awards. This is followed by Battlefield 1 and The Last Guardian, which both managed to get 15 awards.

GOTY Comparisons

Uncharted 4 is a pretty great game, but comparing it to previous GOTY winners might make fans think otherwise. The Witcher 3 was the overall winner last year, and many consider it as one of the best current-gen games out right now. It wasn’t perfect either, but the enormous world, intriguing story, and great side quests make it a cut above the rest. The Witcher 3 managed to get a whopping 257 GOTY awards. 

The Last of Us won GOTY for the year 2013 and was also made by Naughty Dog for PS3 and now PS4. Many would argue that it’s still a better game than any of the Uncharted titles due to its emotional storyline. It’s also getting a sequel, though no release window was revealed for its possible release date.

GOTY Legacy

Prior to Uncharted 4, the last game in the series that was considered a GOTY was Uncharted 2. Fans did like the first Uncharted, but it was the second game that got the attention of many fans. It had even more over-the-top set pieces, some so good that the games following it have yet to top them.

Luckily, fans with a PS4 can play both games via the Uncharted HD collection, which includes the first three games. While the second game was great, many also like the third a lot, though they’d argue that it didn’t add much difference. A Thief’s End gets a pass on this since there were more quiet moments and it served as Naughty Dog’s finale to the series.

Uncharted 4 is available now on the PS4 and is clearly one of the best games on the console. Fans can also get the Uncharted HD collection so they can play all the games.

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