‘Uncharted 4’ Development Progress Will Be Showcased at E3 2014

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Additional Uncharted 4 details have been revealed. Gamespot reported last April 22 that the sequel to the Uncharted series by Naughty Dog has been in development for almost 3 years now. According to Tidux?s twitter post, a gameplay video will definitely be shown at this year?s E3 event.

Uncharted 4?s development has most likely started after the release of Uncharted 3: Drake?s Deception which was in the late 2011s. While some directors with the previous games, like Amy Hennig and Justin Richmond, recently left Naughty Dog, the game?s development still pushed through, and they have stated that they are still ?on schedule?, and Sony reassured their fans that they will keep it this way.

The only thing that? the publishers showed us in last year?s E3 was a short teaser trailer of the game. Prior to the confirmation in the Twitter post in Tidux?s account, Insider already speculated that the game?s alpha footages will be appearing in E3 2014 within the company?s press conference, regardless if changes in the development plans take place.

Alongside Uncharted 4 is Drive Club, a racing game which is something, arcade-style racing fans need to watch out for. The game was delayed indefinitely because of some technical problems with the development. It was supposed to be a launch title but ended up being rescheduled for later release.

The official release date is, however, not yet revealed for Uncharted 4, but Sony confirmed that it will only be available on PlayStation 4. Drive Club, however, will be released later this year as it has already been confirmed by Sony.? It will also be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Surprisingly enough, the console have made good sales despite the lack of first party titles and you can expect to do more in the last quarter of this year and in the following year.

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