Uncharted 2 Scavenger Hunt

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Tired waiting for The Bitbag to post the rest of their E3 footage and info? Well go surfing and try for a chance to win an Uncharted 2 MP beta code!

Surf the net, then post your images here. You’ll get points for every image found. The first 8 people to find all 10 images win a code. If only a few people find all 10 images, then the next posters with the highest scores will get codes.

Post all images of your findings in the contests forum for Uncharted 2.
You cannot use an image link that someone else has already used!

Here is the list of items you must find on the net.

1. Image of Brittany Spears topless = 25 points
2. Image of Torrence Davis during E309 = 50 points
3. Image of a can of Spam unedited = 25 points
4. Image of a person getting teabagged = 30 points
5. Image of Bruce Lee at an interview = 50 points
6. Image of Silouette Mirage = 30 points
7. Image of an E309 booth babe = 25 points
8. Image of Hiphopgamer with his WWE belt = 50 points
9. Image of a Red PS3 = 30 points
10. Image of a Master Chief Cosplayer = 30 points

345 point total.
You don’t need all 10 images to win but it helps doesn’t it?
This contest will run until I wake up tomorrow.
The winners will be PM’d their Uncharted 2 codes
I have 8 to give away.

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