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Unbabel Unveils Human – Edited Translation Service for Global Businesses

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Startup company Unbabel has developed a new technology that combines crowdsourced editing with machine learning ? based auto translation. This allows businesses to translate all of their website?s content at only $0.02 per word. Unbabel uses an artificial intelligence software to translate over 30, 000 words per day for over 30 customers.

How it Works

The machine learning technology translates text taken from a source into the target language. It uses a distribution system that assigns the editing tasks to appropriate translators and will later on check for errors and stylistic inconsistencies. Editors of the company work remotely, whether on their mobile phones or laptops. Co ? founder Vasco Pedro says that it is the key to provide faster translations. Editors earn up to $10 per hour of working with Unbabel.

Email Translation Services


The startup hopes to cater its services to businesses serving international customers not only by letting them fill out an online form to order translations, but also an email ? based translation. Unbabel allows businesses to offer customer support in the customer?s native language through email for only $3 per 150 words. The process only takes less than an hour to complete.

The company also provides a separate rate for translating FAQs, so businesses can follow the conversation on their website for only $5 per 250 words. Entrepreneurs can use this translation technology in translating social streams, like Twitter comments and posts at $1 per 50 words. Whatever a business needs to be translated, Unbabel can work on it quickly.

Unbabel Supports 14 Languages

The startup company supports over 14 languages, including English. Co ? founders Sofia Pessanha, Vasco Calais Pedro, Jo?o Gra?a, Hugo Silva and Bruno Prezado Silva said that they are working on adding more languages and hoping to support more clients this year. Unbabel has taken only $400, 000 in seed money from Y Combinator, Faber Ventures, YCVC and Shilling Capital Partners.

Most companies need human translators to keep their businesses running well, but come at a steep price. They usually hire people to do the translating job because most machines cannot do it accurately. Unbabel founders believe that combining human curation and machine translation is the ultimate key. Probably inspired by the story of Babel, these guys have found a solution to the language barrier at reasonable rates.

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