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Umbrella Corps Tips: Zombie Jammers, Brainers, And More Ways To Gain The Advantage

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Capcom?s Resident Evil spin-off, Umbrella Corps, is a surprisingly decent game. It?s a really good competitive shooter, and players can get a lot of hours of fun with the game?s progression system. Fans of the series looking to get the same experience from the shooter will be in for a shock as the game plays differently from other entries. If you?re having trouble keeping up with other Umbrella operatives, we have a few Umbrella Corps tips for you.

Zombies Are Friends

Each player will be equipped with a Zombie Jammer. This device, when active, make the zombies ignore the player. When inactive or destroyed, players are instant zombie chow. One of the strategies in the game is to destroy the Zombie Jammer of the opposing team so that they?ll have to fend from the undead as well. You, of course, should also protect your Zombie Jammer from any harm whatsoever as the characters in Umbrella Corps aren?t very durable to zombie attacks.

Using The Brainer Is A No-Brainer

Each player will also come equipped with a melee weapon called the Brainer. This can be used in tough situations like running out of ammo. The Brainer deals a lot of damage, but it?s kind of difficult to use.

When equipped, there will be a yellow target field in front of you; make sure targets are within range before using it. If two targets are in the area, then they?ll both be hit. It?s also very useful in stealth attacks, so never forget that you always have a melee weapon at bay.


There are a lot of unlockable mods in the game?s multiplayer component. Even before getting into the action, there are already several weapons and mods to customize loadouts with. From the get-go, you can customize your loadouts based on your liking and playstyle, so be sure to check it out before entering a match.

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