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Umbrella Corps Review: A Decent Resident Evil Game?

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While we?re all busy with the Resident Evil 7 demo, Capcom has released one of its planned titles worldwide. The title in question is of course Resident Evil Umbrella Corps. When it was first announced, the game had mixed reception. Some note that the take on the game is refreshing, but some believe that it?ll be another failed entry in the franchise. However, the game?s reviews are almost up and scores are surprisingly good.

PC Gamer notes that the game is fast-paced, and it even compared the action to that of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. This is far from the stiff action sequences for previous Resident Evil titles like 5, 6 and the first Revelations.

Perhaps the best news for Capcom is the game got a 36 out of 40 from Famitsu itself, Gematsu reports. Although it?s not a perfect 40, let?s all remember that Famitsu is known for being one of the strictest reviewers there is, and a 36 is pretty impressive. Even better is Resident Evil Umbrella Corps is the second-highest rated game for this week.

The reviews are in and the scores say that this spin-off is actually a pretty good entry in the franchise. The good reviews may actually be attributed to the refreshing gameplay that Capcom offered.

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps is a team-based competitive shooter in which two groups duke it out in several game modes. What?s unique about this shooter is that there are zombies prowling around the game areas, and they could be used to the player?s advantage as well. It?s a mix of pure action and tactic as players have to be well aware of the movements of the opposing team and the zombies.

It?s still up to the player to see if it?s a notable title. Fans of action-packed shooters might enjoy the game, but Resident Evil purists might feel otherwise.


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