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Umbrella Corps: What You Should Know Before Buying The Game

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Capcom?s Resident Evil spin-off, Umbrella Corps, is currently out now, and the game is getting surprisingly good reviews. There isn?t much hype to the game, but it seems it?ll manage to get us our Resident Evil fix before the 7th installment releases in January 2017. The spin-off is a new take on the franchise, so players shouldn?t expect the same experience from past titles. Here?s what you should know about the shooter.

Back To Raccoon City And Others

Aside from zombies, the game will also bring back some iconic areas. The areas that Resident Evil fans will be revisiting in Umbrella Corps include Racoon City and Racoon City Police Department from Resident Evil 3, Kijuju from Resident Evil 5, and the Antarctic base from Resident Evil: Code Veronica. It?s a great throwback and ode to the series.

Intense Action

The action in Umbrella Corps is pretty fast-paced. While most zombies are pretty much dormant, the action heats up between the players. Movements, melee attacks and dodges are smoother than what players are used to in past titles.

Progression System

Like most shooters, the game will also be coupled with a progression system. Players are rewarded only with cosmetic upgrades when progressing. This means that even newbies can hold their own against long-time players, provided that they?re skilled enough.


Of course there are zombies in the game. They aren?t just simple distractions from the intense PVP action; they can be vital to winning a game as well. Each player is equipped with a device called Zombie Jammer. This allows players to move freely without the zombies attacking them, but its effect will wear off once ?the player attacks. Players can also target the Zombie Jammer of their enemies to destroy it. Once it?s destroyed, the player will be an instant target to all zombies.

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps now available on PS4 and PC. For the latest Resident Evil news, keep it right here on TheBitBag.

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