Ultra Street Fighter 2 Guide: Unlock Shin Akuma

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Ultra Street Fighter 2 Shin Akuma
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Capcom announced a code for Ultra Street Fighter 2 to unlock Shin Akuma at the recent San Diego Comic Con 2017. Players won’t have to pay for DLCs and just input the code to play this secret character.

Capcom’s Street Fighter announcements in their San Diego Comic Con 2017 panel included a Ultra Street Fighter 2 reveal about Shin Akuma. Inputting his code will allow you to access the secret character through these steps:

  • Pick Ryu, cancel select on Color 1
  • Pick Ken, cancel select on Color 9
  • Pick Sagat, cancel on Color 8
  • Pick M.Bison, cancel on Color 7
  • Place the cursor on Random. Press L & R at the same time

In the series, Shin Akuma is a version of Akuma that gets more into his dark Satsui no Hado powers but still retain some of his humanity. This version appeared first in Street Fighter Alpha 2, and also showed up in Tekken 7 as a boss version of Akuma. Gameplay-wise, he’s faster and stronger than the usual Akuma but doesn’t have as much useful attacks and moves like his normal version. Foes who get caught in his combos will be sure to take a beating. However, we’ve yet to fully confirm the strengths of Nintendo Switch’s Street Fighter iteration of this old character.

Before the time of DLCs, early fighting games had secret characters that could only be selected through specific button prompts. Most of these characters almost always had easily noticeable advantages of the main cast but are still beatable if you play the match carefully. Mostly, the secret characters were stronger reskins of an existing character in the title. However, rare cases apply where players could find an entirely new character as the titles’ secret character. Stay updated with more Ultra Street Fighter 2 here on The BitBag.

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