UK Government Admits That They Spy on Your Facebook Conversations

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Facebook, Twitter and Google search surveillance are justifiable according to the UK government. Should you buy this? Not everyone will, and that is for sure.

In a 48-page statement, Charles Farr, Deputy General of Security and Counter Terrorism, responded to a ?civil liberties group, which accuses the GCHQ for tracking great amounts of their people?s online activity WITHOUT their consent and knowledge.

Internal communications are required to be monitored in the UK, but ?external? ones, particularly Facebook, Twitter and Google searches are now also monitored at random intervals. This means that at any given time, any online communication through Facebook, Twitter or Google search can be tracked, regardless if the content poses any suspicion or not.

“The only practical way in which the government can ensure that it is able to obtain at least a fraction of the type of communication in which it is interested is to provide for the interception of a large volume of communication.” Farr said.

The program for the mass interception of digital communication and data is to be called Tempora. It is also the first government policy that they expounded, on how it operates. This project first surfaced at around the same time last year.

GCHQ placed data interceptors on fibre-optic cables that carries internet data around the UK.? Not only ?can they track down data around Europe, UK-based fibre optic cables are also connected to transatlantic cables that carry internet traffic to the US and Europe. This means that they can pretty much track anything on a global scale.

Amongst the ?five eyes?, which consists of spy agencies in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and United States, the one under the UK is the best one (on doing what it does), and worst, for a large number of people in the UK (and possibly, even outside UK).

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