UK developers of Crytek Received ?700 Last Month

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With all the talks about Crytek?s deep financial trouble, the problem might be worse than we thought it would be. After the reported cancellation of Ryse: Son of Rome and messed the up launch of the Xbox One title, developers moved to Homefront 2. But after 3 months, the future seems bleak for the developers as the company hardly pays them.

The problem goes like this, a total of ?700 were paid to all of their developers which made them question the company?s current financial status. With all of the company?s developers working on every game that they are making, that amount is not enough even to pay their rents.

According to different sources, employees are supposedly told that the deal was being made with Deutsche Bank to get some money and they are expected to be paid by June 27. Common reasons such as delays can be unseen but until now, they are already losing hope that they will be paid right or even said that it will not happen at all.

Crytek is now in really deep trouble as more and more employees are leaving their post. Currently, they are working on Homefront: The Revolution with 90 members in their helm. Although the development of Ryse: Son of Rome was a total disaster and left more of their developers unpaid, it is hard for Crytek to cut them loose. The jobless developers from Ryse are now migrating to Homefront. This move also made things more desperate now that there are more developers that will be unpaid if the worst hits.

But with the financial crisis that Crytek is facing right now, they cannot let several of their games go to waste just because they are losing developers. Crytek is hiring recruits to fill the posts that their previous employees have abandoned. Though many developers are coming in, more people are still coming out making it more difficult for Crytek to solve this matter.


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