UFO Sightings 2016: Two New Cases In Arizona A Hoax?

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UFO Sightings 2016

The recent spike in UFO sightings have convinced enthusiasts of alien existence and many fear an existential threat. Conspiracy theorists believe that UFO sightings usually occur during major disasters or other natural events.This week?s supermoon was a major natural event and UFOs indeed surfaced if one would believe the UFO freaks.

Though clouds, weather conditions and intense urban lighting turned out to be a spoiler for many, a supermoon watcher turned lucky. The supermoon-loving gazer managed to film what he claimed to be UFOs while he was viewing the full moon in Surprise, Arizona on Saturday, November 12.

Two Mysterious UFOs Captured

The Rondomon YouTube channel uploaded the footage of two objects passing the moon within a short timeframe. The cameraman claimed to have filmed the scene while using a NexStar 6se telescope and a Sony HandyCam. He added that the so called objects seem to have distortion surrounding them.

Famous UFO blogger, Scott C. Waring of the UFO Sighting Daily, described the video as ?odd? but was convinced of their alien nature. He said that the objects are indeed solid explaining that the light of the lunar disk could have been seen through it if it were transparent. He further added that the field surrounding the objects could be attributed to alien propulsion, citing that haze has already been seen in many earlier UFO photos.

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Skeptics Not Convinced?

Skeptics, however, are not convinced of the authenticity of these UFO claims. Several Youtubers questioned whether or not these objects were nothing other than the balloons in the air. ?One commenter even suggested the possibility of these unidentified objects being not so mysterious after all. He said the objects instead could simply be some leaves blowing in the wind.

The cameraman acknowledged that there could be a reasonable explanation. He agreed?objects could even be the balloons. But he still questioned the oddity at which both objects crossed the moon.

Rondomon wrote ?Never said they were in space or by the moon, and they even could be balloons as some one suggested. Just odd that two should fly by seconds apart and cross the moons path. It could be a leaf, but flew pretty straight for a leaf. And two blowing seconds apart on the same path, ?I guess that’s possible.?

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