UFO News: Sighting of Alien Spacecrafts Across South America and Europe, Alien Invasion Imminent?

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UFO Sighting
UFO Sighting

The upward trend of Unidentified Flying Object sightings across the world point toward an imminent alien world war three, according to conspiracy theorists. After last week?s spacecraft sightings in Thailand and Hawaii, similar alien activity from South America to Europe has stunned the UFO seekers, who predict dark times ahead.

Burning UFOs

A mysterious ?burning? UFO was filmed soaring through the sky above Lima, the capital of Peru. The slow-moving ball of orange light can be seen flying through the dark sky, before disappearing suddenly without a trace.

Similar UFO sightings were also reported from other parts of South America. Strange lights in the sky were spotted in the skies of the Highlands on the South Eastern part of Lima and some areas near the Amazon forest.

However, skeptics have another plausible explanation for the strange sightings. Several have suggested that the lights could be the high-altitude balloons used by Google?s Project Loon. The balloons float in the stratosphere about 18-km (11 miles), above the Earth?s surface and do contain lights. The project is an initiative to provide internet access to people in remote and rural areas, which could explain the multiple sightings in Peru.

Conspiracy theorists don?t agree and instead link the sightings to an alien invasion. They believe the country is a regular stop-off for aliens who are drawn to its ancient sites, particular of which is the world famous Machu Picchu citadel in the Andes mountains.

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UFO Sighting Italy

In addition, a picture taken in Italy further adds to the UFO frenzy worldwide. The Express reported that a person photographed a UFO mothership that appears to be hiding in the clouds. The picture was taken in Lecco, Italy, on November 2. Shocked witness Guiseppe Filipponi apparently captured the moment the flying saucer appeared and caught the strange phenomenon.

Some conspiracy theorists linked the sighting to the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck Italy on Friday, two days later. ?A number of alien theorists often claim UFOs have been seen in the run up to major quakes or tragedies.

Are the UFO appearances all over the world hinting at a major calamity for the world? Is the burning UFO in Peru predicting a blazing nuclear WW3? We will never know until it is too late. In meantime stay tuned to TheBitBag for the latest updates on UFOs and other supernatural activities.

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