UFO Expert Max Spiers May Have Been Poisoned to Death; Here Are The Reasons Why

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Max Spiers

The investigation of the suspicious death of Ufologist Max Spiers is becoming deeper and deeper. The examination of the dead body revealed that Max Spiers vomited two liters of black fluid shortly before his death.

Back in July, the 39-year-old investigator was found dead in a friend?s apartment in Warsaw in suspicious circumstances. The investigation to find out the reasons of his death is now becoming more mysterious.?

Max Spiers vomited black fluid Claimed Investigation Officer

Caroline O?Donnell, an investigation officer recorded a statement that ?When they returned, Mr. Spiers became ill with a high temperature and was weak. The following day, Mr Spiers vomited two liters of black fluid. The friend called a doctor who attempted resuscitation before pronouncing him dead.?

An examination at Canterbury Coroners opened in December and a post mortem at Margate QEQM Hospital have been carried out, but Kent was unable to determine how he died, as reported by The Sun.

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Max Spiers

Max Spiers Mother Doubts the verdict

Max Spiers, an inspiring ufologist was born and brought up in Canterbury. He lived in America but went back to?Poland for his mom. Spiers?was found dead in a friend?s apartment on July 16. He was due to speak at a conference. It was said that the world?s famous conspiracy theorist was about to probe into the lives of well-known political figures, businessmen, and celebrities.

His body was found on a sofa and was ruled by Polish authorities that he died due to natural causes?like a heart attack. The authorities didn?t commence any post-mortem examination before declaring the cause of his death.

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However, Vanessa Bates, his mother expressed her doubts over the verdict of his death. She wanted to reinvestigate her son?s mysterious passing. His family and friends were not able to overcome his mysterious death and continued to post Spiers’?thoughts and ideas from his blog ?Where Truth Meets Heath.?

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