UFC Superfight: Jon Jones Vs. Stipe Miocic?

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UFC Superfight

Do we have ourselves a new UFC superfight in Jon Jones taking on Stipe Miocic? This, according to the two fighters, is quite a possibility. Jones is known to have been thinking of moving up to heavyweight to challenge for the title. One fan asked him on Twitter whether he will take a fight with Stipe Miocic in January and he responded:

This sparked interest in the MMA world. What made it closer to a possibility was a Jones tweet after Miocic finished Jones? teammate Alistair Overeem to defend his heavyweight title.

Jones revealed that he thought that the hype behind Miocic is for real. He went as far as saying that a fight with Stipe Miocic is a ?challenge of a lifetime.?

This had not gone unanswered by the heavyweight champ.

In an interview with TMZ, Stipe Miocic is amicable to the idea of the UFC superfight. He added that he found Jones to be a great guy and that he will fight whoever the UFC wants him to fight next.

Jones is an exciting addition to the list of heavyweight contenders although this is quite a stretch for now. Jones? future is still in jeopardy after testing positive for a banned substance at the UFC 200. There is no news for his return as he is temporarily suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Heavyweight Contenders

Miocic seems to be the kind of champion who would fight anybody. The heavyweight division though is full of athletes who are of championship caliber. In fact, three in the top 5 ranked heavyweights were former champions. One is Fabricio Werdum whom Miocic defeated to get the crown. Another is former champion Junior Dos Santos and lastly, former heavyweight kingpin Cain Velasquez. Another MMA legend is also climbing the rankings and that is Josh Barnett.

It?s likely that one of these athletes will get to face Miocic next. Sadly, a UFC superfight between Miocic and Jones is likely to remain a fantasy. But who knows?

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