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UFC Fight Night Ottawa Analysis: MacDonald Vs. Thompson

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Time for a UFC Fight Night Ottawa Analysis. MMA prediction and analysis has gone way far than who has the better striking or who has the better ground game. It has gone to a serious analytic modeling of how tendencies and habits of one fighter would let him fare better than his opponent. In addition, put chance in and you would not have a perfect MMA math that tells you via rankings and past wins categorically who wins and loses when one athlete faces another.

But there are those who possess the eye for the complex, the subtler things that constitute the art and craft of an MMA bout. Names such as Robin Black and Jack Slack rank high amongst the better fight analysts. Here are their separate takes on the main event of UFC Fight Night Ottawa.

Jack Slack made a quick video breakdown of Thompson?s skills and tendencies. Here it is:

For a more detailed Jack Slack breakdown of the fight, check his article in Fightland.

Also, here?s a Robin Black breakdown of the fight:

Robin Black also had interviews with both headliners. FYI, Stephen Thompson and Rory MacDonald both know and have trained with each other. Both have trained by former UFC Welterweight Champion and, may I say, future Hall of Fame inductee Georges St. Pierre.

Here is his interview with Thompson:

Here is Black speaking to MacDonald about the fight:

What we know is that this fight is a really hard one to call. Black made a point that the distance maintaining Thompson could get his kicks caught by MacDonald and that could spell trouble for him as MacDonald has way better MMA experience on the ground. Standing up, though, it looks like that Thompson has the edge. Wonderboy also may have also improved his takedown defense to a level where MacDonald can?t take him down. Thompson has been training with a bigger Weidman for a while and this might factor in. MacDonald is no slouch on the ground as well as he has been known to be a maniac with his ground and pound.

We would lean toward Thompson at this point, also considering that MacDonald fought a very entertaining but draining war against Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler. But we would not put money on that. What we would put money on is that this would be a great fight no matter what the outcome is.

For the live stream link, check this article out. For the headliner and co-headliner prediction, check this article out and sound off whether you agree or not.

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