UFC Fight Night: Cyborg vs. Lansberg: What to Expect?

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At first glance, the matchup between Justino and Lansberg may look uneven, considering the difference in their fight experience in the UFC. But that may not be the case.

Lansberg can be considere a wild card, especially since most of her important stats are still blank on the UFC FS1 Main Card! Her reach, leg reach, significant strikes, and grappling record are all blank. With a blank slate, Lansberg may be hiding a few aces up her sleeve.

Lina Lansberg

Lansberg has had a long track record under her belt even before she entered the UFC. She has a staggering 85 Muay Thai fights under her. Not to mention, she?s a pretty fierce fighter. She holds a close stance that may be superior to Justino?s older opponents.

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She has a solid sharp punch and she can push out a vicious left high kick as well. Since she?s well versed in Muay Thai, she may be able to fend off Justino when the clinches start.

Christiane Justino

Justino the Cyborg on the other hand may be ready to take Lansberg on. ?She?s made some great improvements with her positioning and quick foot work. This is thanks to her recent training session with Jason Parillo.

Cyborg is pretty strong and with enough brute force to overwhelm a majority of fighters in her class. But she?s sharper than that. She doesn?t just rely on brute force.

She?s pretty on point when it comes to her fights. She comes into the ring with a tactical plan and sticks to it.

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The Cyborg has her own ways in being patient and pushing for the best times to abuse her opponents weak points as rounds go on. She leverages of her quick footwork coupled with her strong striking game. To top it off, she has phenomenal balance althroughout her offensive combos with her great head movements.


Cyborg Has the Odds

Sherdog picks Cyborg to most likely come out on top in the much anticipated face off. The main advantage Lansberg has in their fight is her clinch and striking game. These two skills will determine any fighter?s chance to win against Cyborg.

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Lansberg has been pretty confident about herself lately. She certainly has the skill and experience to back that confidence up.

Lansberg?s experience and skill set will undoubtedly give Cyborg a run for her money. But it may not be enough to actually take Cyborg down.

Cyborg is a great fighter who?s always improving in many aspects of her overall performance and sure to come in the ring prepared. Lansberg may have some experience during her Muay Thai days but Cyborg is tried and test in the UFC ring. Odds are, Cyborg will manage to overcome Lansberg.

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