UFC 202 Diaz Vs McGregor 2 Live Stream, Replay: Conor Expected To Avenge His Defeat With A Close Win

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UFC 202 Diaz vs. McGregor 2 live stream?will be a big smash. The build-up is awesome and stuff literally went flying in their latest press conference. Fans all over the world will tune in, whether they think this fight makes sense or not. Some will watch hoping that the the brash Irishman, Conor McGregor, will get his revenge. Some will watch Nate Diaz stop the hype and send the UFC Featherweight champion back to the featherweight division–a division that he arguably did not clear out.

Brendan Schaub thinks that McGregor might make it out of the bout as the winner as he has already prepared and has arguably won the first 1 and a half round until he ?gassed out.? Now that McGregor has invested in training against a single person, Schaub gives the fight to McGregor. It might be a little close this time too.

The odds say the same thing. In the first bout, McGregor was the big favorite. Now, he is just at -130–a slight betting favorite. The bookkeepers think that he might get this again but it?s too close to call.

Some think that this is quite ?a steal for Diaz though. In the last fight, he took everything that McGregor had. McGregor is used to knocking out featherweights but Diaz is used to wars. Diaz spars with Andre Ward and even had Muay Thai phenom Artem Levin in one of his brother, Nick Diaz?s camp. Also, he trains with grappling superstar Kron Gracie, the son of the MMA legend Rickson Gracie.

It is too close to call and MMA is a crazy sport. Anything can really happen. Like stated, some want to watch UFC 202 rooting for one man to win. But some of us just want to watch for the love of the sport. Two good fighters with different styles and diverse skills are coming out to fight. That?s a good enough reason to watch.

You can catch the UFC 202 Diaz vs. McGregor 2 live stream here. We will update you with the replay as well.

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