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UFC 200 News: Jon Jones Tested Positive for Estrogen Blockers According To Sonnen and Evans

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The lead up to the UFC 200 was a whirlwind for matchmakers. We first saw the falling out of the Diaz-McGregor rematch. Then, we witnessed Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier stepping up to save the show and only to fall out in the last second because of Jones failing a drug test. He was popped for two USADA-banned substances. Cormier ended up fighting Anderson Silva and winning via unanimous decision; and Jones, for his part, might face a two-year suspension.

Jones appeared pretty sincere in a press conference addressing the issue. He maintained his innocence and vowed to be back. He seemed to have not known why he tested positive and fans think or hope that he might have just had some tainted supplements. The name of the substances though were not mentioned by the UFC, Jones nor his manager.

Recently, some UFC news surfaced about what these substances are. Outlets cite two sources–Jones? former teammate and rival Rashad Evans and former title-challenger Chael Sonnen.

Evans, acting as a reporter for CBS Sports, revealed that Jones was popped for estrogen blockers prior to the UFC 200.

Sonnen, on the other hand, kind of slipped and revealed that it was estrogen blockers in his interview in Joe Rogan?s podcast. Watch the video below.

Sonnen said that estrogen blockers do not do anything and they are silly. But why are they banned? Iain Kidd of Bloody Elbow makes a nice introductory article on what they are. Some kinds of estrogen blockers are not really ?performance enhancing? by themselves like they can let athletes be faster or stronger. They are widely used for ?post-cycle therapy.? This means that they are use to combat the unwanted effects of a ?cycle? of PED use like prohormones, steroids or any anabolic agent. Kidd added though that some kinds like ?Clomid? increases testosterone production which can increase performance and muscle mass.

There is no word yet on what kind of estrogen blockers were found in Jones? A and B samples but it looks as if he did not take them intentionally for now. He lost a possible 8-figure payday, and a chance to regain his title and cement his light heavyweight legacy at UFC 200. There was too much on the line. Jones though has been quite irresponsible in the past. It is understandable that he could lose a significant part of his fan-base and possibly some career opportunities.

Stay tuned for other UFC news.

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