UFC 200: Brock Lesnar Failed Drug Test; Mark Hunt Wants Brock’s Purse

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After a bout with diverticulitis, Brock Lesnar returned to save the problematic UFC 200 card. He managed to win the heavyweight tilt against a game competitor in New Zealand native Mark Hunt. After the fight, everybody was thinking how Lesnar could have gone if he had not had his career halting disease. A few days after, news came out that Lesnar was flagged with a possible doping violation. This did not come as a surprise to many but this was a blow to his name and something that have had potentially caused irreparable damage to Hunt.

Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) are banned because they give athletes who take them unfair advantages. They make athletes train harder and build muscle mass better. This can be argued to be not so detrimental to an athletes? well-being in other competitive sports like cycling. But in combat sports and in mixed martial arts wherein athletes try to cause physical damage, this is something that needs to be better regulated. In these sports, athletes are not just beating the clock or shooting some hoops. Athletes train to bash each other?s head in and break some limbs. This is why there is so much stigma when it comes to PEDs in MMA.

Hunt, at the other end of the Lesnar beatdown, was not too happy when he first heard the news of Lesnar?s possible doping violation. In a Fox Sports report, he first stated that he demands half of Lesnar?s purse in the UFC 200 or he be released. Lesnar has reportedly made $2.5 million for his fight. This does not include his PPV shares. Hunt, understandably, wants a piece of this as he was apparently put in much danger fighting an allegedly ?doped-up? opponent.

Now, it seems Hunt is not backing up in his ultimatum. He, now, according to a report by Stuff New Zealand, wants all of Lesnar?s earnings. This disgust stems from Hunt always having to fight doped-up guys. He has fought an Antonio ?Bigfoot? Silva who tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone to a draw. It was a brutal fight, something that Hunt could have won theoretically if Silva did not have some unfair advantage. Hunt also fought Frank Mir earlier this year knocking him out emphatically in the third round. Mir was flagged for a doping violation following this fight.

Should the Super Samoan get all of Brock?s earnings? Is the new USADA procedure not working enough? Leave your thoughts below.

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