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UFC 2 Review Round Up

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Check out how the others thought of the new UFC game for the consoles.

The second UFC video game from EA is already out in the market, with fans getting a copy for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, some are still asking if it is still worth to get one. So to find out if it is a good purchase, we check out some of the game critics from popular gaming websites to see what they have to say about UFC 2.

GameSpot 7 out of 10

But the core appeal of UFC 2 is fighting online (and you will find the toughest competition there) along with the career mode which, despite its various shortcomings, is a decent way to spend a few hours if you want to simply hop from fight to fight and test your mettle against the world?s greatest fighters. After all, the standing combat is so accomplished, and the changes made to make grappling more accessible, ensure you?re almost guaranteed to have a good time. Some issues drag everything down, particularly the lack of intuitive feedback, and the barebones tutorials, and a dry career mode, but EA Sports UFC 2 is a welcome improvement on its predecessor that shows this series is going in the right direction. It?s just not a number one contender quite yet.

Polygon 8 out of 10

It’s easier to forgive EA Sports UFC 2’s shortcomings when the game’s fight action is solid, understandable and enjoyable. Even if some of its components are more difficult than others, the streamlining and simplification of takedowns and transitions is a pivotal change that frees the game without making it pointlessly easy. It would be nice to see this philosophy applied to submissions and dazzling attacks, but my victories in UFC 2 still felt honest and earned, and I came away feeling a mental connection to the fighter I would most want to be.

GamesRadar 3 out of 5

Like its Notorious Irishman, UFC 2 can delight and offend in equal measure. In its best moments, it offers a brutal, refined take on MMA that fans of the octagon will eat up. Conversely, it can also leave you colder than Holly Holms in a Miesha Tate sleeper; content feels lightweight and standing offence can be patchy. With more fully fleshed-out modes, the inevitable sequel could be a real contender, but for now, UFC 2 will have to make do with being an occasionally entertaining also-ran.


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