UFC 2 Release Date Tomorrow? Teaser Reveals Intriguing Details, Bugs Already Fixed? Here?s What To Expect

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The wait is finally over.

EA Sports has officially announced in social media their new soon to release second UFC video game. EA Sports UFC?s official Twitter account has revealed the second release of the hit fighting game ever to hit console gaming, according to MMA Junkie.

A tweet posted by the series? official account read, ?The wait is finally over! Tune in tomorrow,? together with the image featuring the game?s name and the November 10 date. Although there are no other details shared by the post, we can assume that full information about UFC 2 will be revealed on the said date.

EA Sports first UFC game was released just last year June 2014 for Xbox One and PS4, which was then followed by a mobile version earlier this year. According to Gamespot, ?EA acquired the UFC rights from THQ in 2012, when it announced that it had plan for multiple games based on the MMA company.? This partnership between UFC and EA Sports would come to a surprise for everybody as earlier comments by UFC President Dana White was stated ?regarding EA?s alleged initial unwillingness to work with the UFC,? posted by IGN.

Bugs and glitches

Previously, EA Sports UFC?made its way into the market last June 17. It didn?t make any bombastic reviews from gamers and even got a near-mediocre score of 71 on Metacritic. The game received a number of negative reviews due to some glitches and bugs during in-game fighting.

EA made sure that the game will look outstanding and ?Next-Gen? on every possible angle. They eventually made the game excellent and it had amazing and realistic graphics. It had jaw-dropping details, but hundreds of gamers were flipped by frustrating mechanics in the game, over-the-top obvious issues like weird glitches and bugs.

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