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UFC 2 Cover Star Conor McGregor Suffers First UFC Loss: Is The EA Cover Curse Real?

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To many athletes, being on the cover of a video game like the upcoming EA Sports UFC 2 is a good deal. Not only is it excellent publicity, but it is also one of the basis of excelling in the sport. But this particular honor may be responsible for the bad luck of several of the athletes of a couple of sports franchises. Some have begun to wonder, is the EA cover curse real?

Yesterday, MMA fans around the world were shocked to see ?The Notorious? Conor McGregor suffer defeat at the hands of the underdog, Nate Diaz. Before the second round came to a close, McGregor was visible wobbled by the hands of Diaz. Mystic Mac went for the takedown and it was all Diaz from there and he finished the fight with a rear naked choke. What makes the loss a bigger upset is Diaz took the fight on short notice.

Coincidentally, Ronda Rousey was also utterly defeated by the underdog and now former champion, Holly Holm. Both McGregor and Rousey were the cover athletes for the upcoming EA?s UFC 2.

Rousey was announced as one of the cover athletes for UFC 2 prior to her match with Holm. McGregor on the other hand, had to fight for the spot against then champion, Jose Aldo Jr.

Let?s also not forget the cover athletes for 2014?s UFC game. It was Jon Jones and Alexander Gustaffson. Jones, despite having a successful career after being on the cover of EA Sports UFC, was stripped of his title in 2015 after his issues regarding an alleged DUI. Gustaffson on the other hand, suffered a very quick defeat at the hands of Anthony Johnson in 2015 as well. What makes it worse is that Gustaffson lost in Sweden, his home country.

Aside from this eerie chain of events, we should also not forget the string of bad luck that befell the cover athletes of EA?s Madden NFL.

It?s hard to jump to conclusions as all of these could just be a pretty big coincidence, but that?s 4 out of 4. We?re hoping the next cover athlete doesn?t suffer the same fate as his or her predecessors.

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